Chamber Ensemble

Seven Fragments on Love & Desire

for soprano (or opt. narrator), flute, viola & piano

I. beautiful he
II. many and beautiful things
III. we live the opposite
IV. eros shook my mind
V. the blamer
VI. you burn me
VII. and if nothing

Duration: 7 mins 40 secs

Performance by:
Mezzo Soprano – Jennifer Beattie
Flute – Nave Graham
Viola – John Pickford Richards
Piano – Tomoko Ohno

The Five Solitudes

for string quartet

I. The Follower & His Shadow
II. Near the Third Skin
IV. Untimely Meditation
V. The Honey Sacrifice

Duration: 14 mins

Commissioned by the
Orava Quartet

XI of Swords

for string quartet

Duration: 8 mins

Notable performances by: Aeolus Quartet & Interlochen Ensemble

To Move Among

for harp ensemble

I. The Dying of the Light
II. To the Waters & the Wild

Duration: 8mins

Premiere by CU Boulder Harp Ensemble

Aspects of Nothingness

for 2 violins & piano

Duration: 5 mins 30 secs